We are seeking applicants for our

Student Advisory Board internship

What is the CampusWell
Student Advisory Board internship?

  • CampusWell is a health and wellness program for colleges, universities, and high schools across the US and Canada.
  • Each week, we publish new content for students with the latest science on how to be happy, healthy, and prosperous. Our content covers everything to do with student wellness, including academics, nutrition, fitness, money management, sexual health, sexual assault prevention, mental and emotional health, mindfulness, relationships, body image, sleep, and more.
  • We publish editions for US undergraduates, students at faith-based institutions, nontraditional students (community college, trade, and graduate schools), students at Canadian colleges and universities, and high school students.
  • All students on our board have a strong interest in health and wellness, especially issues affecting the high school and college populations.
  • Our student advisors are from diverse backgrounds and regions across the US and Canada. We are recruiting undergraduates, graduate school students, students at trade schools, community colleges, online schools, and high school students.
  • This is an unpaid, one-year commitment, requiring about 5 hours of your time each month.

What we look for in our
student advisors:

  • Enrolled at a higher education institution or high school, full time or part time,in the US or Canada.
  • Commitment to CampusWell and our internship requirements (see below).
  • A strong interest in some aspect(s) of health and wellness (e.g., you follow health news; you are passionate about fitness or nutrition, social justice, or some other aspect of wellness; you are studying for a relevant degree or work/plan to work in a relevant field).
  • We value diversity in life experiences, location, type of school, age, gender identity, sexuality, race and ethnicity, interests, etc.

What is the role of the
student advisors?

  • Review and comment on articles in development each month. We’ll take your advice into consideration and revise the articles before we publish them for all of our student readers.
  • Provide topic and messaging ideas and/or feedback on our editorial calendar.

How we recognize our
student advisors:

  • A certificate on completion of the internship.
  • An opportunity to build your résumé.